Would you like a free designer Opera Mobile T-Shirt?

IntoMobile are currently running a contest to win a designer Opera Mobile T-Shirt. Opera Software have given IntoMobile the last few t-shirts, instead of keeping them, they are giving away two of them.

One of the t-shirts is male and the other female. “Moods of Norway” are the designers of these very snazzy t-shirts. We are going to celebrate Opera’s choice to bring the heralded Opera browser for the mobile to Android. This is a desktop-like browser but on your mobile, it makes sense to go Android.

IntoMobile are hoping that in the near future they too will have t-shirts as good as Opera Mobile. Until that day comes they will have keep using one of their favourite mobile browser manufacturers. All you have to do to have the chance to win a free designer Opera Mobile T-Shirt is leave a comment in the comments box on their website….Good luck.

Source – intomobile.com


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