5 reasons why Microsoft and Nokia partnership will work

We already know Microsoft has teamed with Nokia to deliver Microsoft Office 2010 to the Nokia range of mobile phones, and now pcworld has posted 5 reasons why they think the Nokia/Microsoft partnership will work.

Their 5 reasons are…it will be a strong alternative to Research In Motion’s BlackBerry…it will deliver smartphone choices…unified communications…delivers Microsoft Mobile Office…and finally SharePoint integration.

Obviously no matter how successful Microsoft Windows Mobile becomes it will never gain 100 percent market share but the teaming of Microsoft and Nokia means Windows Mobile is alive and kicking and not dead in the water like some rumours have been saying.


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  1. This is a great development!
    Let’s face it; the business world revolves around the Microsoft Office suite. So having Office software available on smart phones will be a godsend to busy individuals who are always on the move, no longer restricting them to the confines of the office. It will be particularly useful on road to important meetings as it will allow PowerPoint users to flick through slides and view notes to practice their presentations, or even edit and tweak their PowerPoint files on their morning commute or business trip.

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