iPhone 3GS: Qik now available, oops no live 3G streaming

Qik for iPhone 3GS has now been released and it is completely free of charge to download, this is good news if you are an iPhone lover. The downside however is it is most likely to not do everything you would like it to do.

Symbian S60 users are used to Qik that in fact streams live video to the internet, but this app doesn’t do that, it only captures and uploads and only works if using WiFi, this is not good if you are not near a WiFi hotspot as when the video is finished you will have to wait till you get back to one for it to automatically upload.

Viewers can be automatically informed by the app of where the video had been taken, and the video can also be framed vertically or horizontally. An update is being made to add 3G, confirms the Qik team, but for now you will have to make to with WiFi or zilch. Which is good as it is free.

Source – engadgetmobile.com


One thought on “iPhone 3GS: Qik now available, oops no live 3G streaming”

  1. Great development. I always love Qik. Too bad, the 3G video streaming has been left out. Imagine, if you want to get your video up ASAP while you’re roaming about town you better have a few bucks in your pocket to pop into a Starbucks and buy a latte to get access to a free wifi.

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