GSM remote switch found via Orange blog

A blog in the UK called ‘The Feed’ belonging to Orange often has some interesting stuff. They reported on a GSM remote switch, this gadget allows you to receive texts or calls.

The switch then does the job and switches anything it is connected to OFF or ON. The source came from Quantek.co.uk. GSM-AUTO is GSM mobile remote control switch that is wireless and connects to a GSM mobile network. It comes with a phone number and connects using this. Without answering the call it will reject it and switch off or on the device in which it is connected too.

It has two self-governing switches with normally closed and normally open relay contacts. You can programme these to switch on for a set length of time every time the GSM-AUTO is called or you can permanently switch the switches off or on by sending the GSM-AUTO a text message.

This application includes lighting, aviation engine pre-heaters, water well pumps, remotely controlling heating, irrigation systems, remote access control of gates, pumping stations, re-setting of remote servers, and control of remote scientific instruments. The price of this is £139 from Quantek, this is a good price for a gadget that allows you to bring off standby.

Source – intomobile.com

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