Like the Samsung Instinct? Then say hello to the HD version

There are a lot of rumor in the air at the moment about the new Samsung Instinct. The latest rumor is Samsung going with the “Instinct HD” as a name as instead of Samsung Instinct. This rumor come about via PhoneArena’s “trusty tipster”.

The OmniaHD has been cut down to size by Samsung recently when they decided to re-brand it, they branded it Samsung i8910. Windows Mobile platform has the “Omnia” brand reserved. Samsung still might resurrect the “HD” brand with the Instinct, but will the “HD” be capable of playing and recording video content in HD.

No real details have come to light for the Dash M850 / Instinct HD at the moment, like how much this device is going to set us back or when it is going to be released. We will keep an eye open and give you all the details as soon as we have them.

Source – intomobile.com

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