Is the new RIM Bluetooth watch the Sony Ericsson MBW-100?

Back in May RIM had a WES conference call and it was said by VP Antoine Boucher at that time, there was work being done on a Bluetooth-enabled watch. Sony Ericsson also have similar models but this one is said to be more highly developed.

Some of the features the RIM Bluetooth watch has are: Facebook/Twitter updates, caller ID, streaming audio, maybe a 3.5mm jack, we are not sure of this and text messaging. The image that we have shown you is not real; this is the Sony Ericsson MBW-100 with the logo swapped.

It’s not certain this is real or even coming to retail but we assume it is. Seems this has a codename “Alpha 1” it will allow users to get navigation directions and stream music through a silicone earpiece. It will be remarkable to see exactly how committed RIM are to the accessory market to date.

Source – engadgetmobile.com

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