Teen in France injured by exploding Apple iPhone

Not long after Apple was accused of suppressing new of an alleged exploding iPod Touch, according to an article on tech.yahoo, a French teenager has been injured by their girlfriend’s exploding iPhone.

Apparently, Marie-Dominique Kolega complained to Apple after her teenage son was hit by a flying piece of the shattered iPhone, and has said “My son was frightened but he did not lose an eye.”

The word is the Apple iPhone made a hissing noise before exploding and the screen shattered sending pieces flying through the air. Any of our readers experienced something similar?


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  1. hahahaha, that\’s funny, I\’ve ever read once about steve \’apple\’ jobs the CEO of apple. He decided to make a revolution of apple, and the result is that apple nowadays releases many mobile devices and also explosive devices!!! hahahaha

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