Vanity iPhone application uses golden ratio face to evaluate

Well we’ve heard it all now, as if we are not all a little over self critical all ready, there is an iPhone app that rates your attractiveness on a scale of one to ten.

This comes following ago boosters like hotornot.com (which incidentally has an iPhone app) and the face book App that lets you choose the most attractive people in your crew. The $3 Vanity application apparently uses the Golden Ratio to evaluate and gives a score of the attractiveness of your human faces.

So now we are supposed to subject ourselves to a supposedly scientific conclusion on the state of our own attractiveness decided by our phone. What happens next does it direct us in the direction of the nearest plastic surgeon. Source – blackbookmag.com


One thought on “Vanity iPhone application uses golden ratio face to evaluate”

  1. Barbara Ocean says:

    FOR FREE put your picture on goodlookingtest.com and then it will ask you to mark some parts of your face and you will find out how good looking you based on maths (shania twain apparently got the highest score)

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