Who is Palm prepping North American GSM Pre for?

It seems that Palm are making an active effort to say as little as possible about the GSM version of the Pre, maybe in an effort to give Sprint as much time in the spotlight as possible before it’s exclusivity expires.

But yes, we all know its coming and its most definitely real. Palm has always implied that its being limited to European duty with a 3G radio that fails disastrously to cover any bands that are remotely interesting to North Americans.

Multiple certification bodies now report the existence of a Pre model number P100UNA not the P100UEU that’s launching in Europe. Now, it doesn’t really take a lots of brains to work out that the codes on the end stand for North America and European Union. There is a possibility that Palm is preparing a version to cover Bell’s new HSPA network since the carrier is exclusively Palm’s Pre launch partner in Canada. Source – engadgetmobile.com

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