Shock Texting While Driving video made

A video has been made to show just how dangerous texting on a mobile phone can be, and has been made in an attempt to shock people into not using their mobile phones while at the wheel of a vehicle reports an article on the BBC.

The four minute video starring young Welsh actors show a teenage girl texting while driving and causing an accident resulting in killing four people. Gwent Police have stated that they hope the graphic video will be shown in schools around Wales and across the UK.

The video is quite graphic in places but certainly gets the message across, so I suggest everyone hit up the link and view the video for themselves, and remember if you text while driving this could be the result.


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  1. I seen this video on Facebook and I shared it with everyone that I love and know. I am a 37 year old woman, who before seeing this video text while driving all the time. I knew what COULD happen, but util I seen this video I guess I never let it be reality. Thanks to whome ever it was that made this video because you saved my life and my kids life. I can’t think of enough ways to say thanks you

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