Beijing Tianyu Communication Equipment Co and its 3G cell phone market

Foreign brands have long overshadowed China’s mobile phone market. It now looks like a domestic breakthrough is on the way as Beijing Tianyu Communication Equipment Co bets on the countries 3G cell phone market.

The domestic mobile phone seller has beat Motorola to become the 3rd biggest mobile phone brand in China, according to GFK, a research firm, when looked at in terms of the number of products shifted during Q1 of 09 and following the likes of Samsung and Nokia. Three standards were set up by Chinese Telecom operators to build their 3G networks, unlike other companies in a lot of the foreign markets.

The nation’s biggest wireless telecom service provider, China Mobile took on homegrown standard TD-SCDMA. China Telecom and China Unicom adopted CDMA2000 and WCDMA standards. This has improved chances for domestic cell phone manufacturers to compete with companies like Motorola and Nokia, they mainly support the WCDMA standard.

Tianyu’s revenues are assumed to reach 10 billion yuan at the end of 09, said the company president. This is because of Chinese telecom operators forcefully putting forward their 3G services. The products are affordable which makes the company popular with Chinese consumers.

Source – chinadaily.com

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