Poll: Are you satisfied with the Apple iPhone 3GS?

The results of the survey show a divide between the average customers liking for the Apple iPhone and the moaning from insiders in the industry along with some software devs on Apple’s heavy handed strategy which includes their outing of the Google Voice app for iPhone which is thought to protect the iPhone’s exclusive carrier AT&T.

However, while owners of the iPhone 3GS are passionate about their handsets, AT&T are not too happy, they have been slammed for charging immense fees while giving mediocre-to-poor service. When the surveyors were asked what they didn’t like about the iPhone, 55% of those who responded said the AT&T network.

Some other off putting things are: The short battery life on the iPhone 3GS. 8% grumbled that their employer’s IT department does not support the device. The last two versions of the iPhone were not that good and 3GS did better. 73% of respondents gave favourable reviews. A few industry analysts said that the Apple backlash has been taken out of proportion.

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Source – macworld.com

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