Poll: Can BlackBerry Storm 2 aka 9550 compete with iPhone 3GS?

Research In Motion’s first touch screen smartphone, the BlackBerry Storm didn’t do what it was intended to do, and that was dent the popularity of the Apple iPhone. So RIM is again attempting to put a dent in iPhone 3GS popularity with the new BlackBerry Storm 2 also known as the BlackBerry 9550 reports an article on iphonehelp.

Apparently the BlackBerry Storm 2 now features a really responsive user interface and a much better touch screen, where the improved SurePress delivers a much better experience than the original.

The BlackBerry Storm 2 also sports a 3.2 megapixel camera with auto-focus, removable battery, a memory card slot, and a metal back plate. But is this enough to compete with the iPhone3GS?

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8 thoughts on “Poll: Can BlackBerry Storm 2 aka 9550 compete with iPhone 3GS?”

  1. CL. says:

    Hopefully this time they will not restrict certain features, such as 802.11 (Wireless). Thats the only thing i believe that the iPhone has over the BBS right now. Other than that the BBS is capable of doing everything the iPhone can do.

    things i dont like about the iPhone compare to the BBS :

    – Device security on BBS is better

    – Device troubleshooting (cant remove battery on the iPhone if it locks up for example)

    – Battery Life is lnoger on BBS

    – Cant swap memory cards, which is a pain cos maybe id like to keep thos photos i have already taken while on holiday and just use another card. Which actually happened.

    And more but not sure how much i can write.

  2. shwn says:

    Personally my only problem with the storm vs iphone is the lack of apps. Every friend I have with the iphone has really cool games or apps and the best one on the storm is tiltris. And on top of that the space the storm as for apps is pathetic. I filled mine and that us just with apps I use frequently like google maps so I can forget about getting cool games

  3. Luca says:

    yeah i think they can compete. the only reason why the Iphone 3Gs is better is because the Iphone can have all your music from itunes and cool applications. Apple is selfish. Apple wont share any of their work, if Apple and blackberry team up they would make the best phone ever because you could have awsome applications and your itunes music and movies on it and the blackberry stylish look. They would also help the world because it would make it easier to chose a phone. Most people in the world can’t chose a phone because they like the blackberry but the iphone can hold their movies and music so it is hard.

  4. tiger says:

    If your problem is choosing I think its fairly easy. Get an IPhone AND a blackberry 🙂

    But seriously, the Blackbery is a Blackberry for its cababilities and I don’t know how would a “wana be IPhone” Blackberry not loose the very strengths that made it so popoular.

    I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

  5. Bryan says:

    Hell yeah I know the BBS can pompete with the IPhone 3GS.
    I like the BBS because it has a memory card slot, 3.2 MP camera
    with flash, autofocus, and image stabilization. It has a battery door
    which I can take out the battery when the device locks up. The iPhone
    doesn’t have that. The battery door is immovable. But iPhone really
    has a lot of apps and games. Cool games. Just imagine what it would
    be like if Apple and RIM teamed up and became together. They’d make
    the best phones world wide. It would also help to pick a phone easier if
    they teamed up. Because a lot or people, including me, try to pick which
    smartphone they should get. So the choice is up to you. Pick the
    smartphone you know will satisfy your needs.

  6. Diego says:

    I just bought a Storm 2 and as a normal human being I have been near iphones / ipod touch for the last couple of years so knowing both devices fairly enough I can say they can actually compete…

    The music and movies on Blackberry Storm is actually really good! it is my main mp3 player and Ive used it as a video player which is ok…

    I can live without the apps not offered for the BB but the storm and RIM have also its own things to offer…

    so its up to personal preference…

  7. claire bear says:

    Ok i have both phones!!
    Its a really difficult decision to choose which one is best as it is really personal preference and what you use your phone for most.
    personaly use the internet most and i feel the Iphone is better for this plus the app store is amazing but the Iphone's battery life is awful so be prepared when using the apps!!
    I prefer the look and feel of the blackberry storm 2 but is quite heavy (also i know its silly but i love the leather bb case!!) the Iphone looks very cheap and plasticy and not very special also is very large so you need 2 hands to use (if you have small hands like me!!).
    The flexibility of inserting a memory card in the blackberry and removing the battery is a huge bonus!
    Both phones are amazing considering only a few years ago we all had bricks with green screens!! And its difficult to say which is best if your wanting a 'fun' phone with loads of extras then it would be the Iphone, if its emails,reliabilty, messaging and style thats important then its got to be the Blackberry.

    hope this helps x

  8. logan says:

    great phone, love my 9550. fast processor, nicer screen than the last one. just picked up 2 unlocked mobile phones are couldn’t be happier. it’s a little bigger than my last phone but that’s alright, it’s easy to navigate and the texting isn’t bad for being touch screen. much better than my old unlocked verizon phones. facebook is easy to use and the camera and recorder are fun to play with. gps and email for my business and my daughter and wife love theirs for the games and apps. also got the htc unlock codes and samsung unlock codes free which was nice! got my last couple 9550′s at unlockthatphone.com 2 thumbs way up

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