Bloody Graphic video: Warning of Texting whilst driving

We here at Phones Review are totally in support of any campaign that delivers a message of the dangers of using a mobile phone while in control of a vehicle, and that is why we have again posted this article on what can happen when texting while driving.

The video, which can be viewed below, shows a girl texting on her mobile phone and not concentrating on her driving, the result of which is a shocking crash and the death of four people.

Of course the video courtesy of the BBC is played out by young actors, but it does get the message across, and we ask that all our readers view the video, and heed this graphical warning of the dangers of driving and texting or phoning.

Phones Review says…don’t use your mobile phone when driving.


2 thoughts on “Bloody Graphic video: Warning of Texting whilst driving”

  1. Nancy Auden says:

    If our country had the guts to do videos like this, it would probably save lives on the road.

    Why does someone have to always have a cell phone up to their ears while driving? I see this all the time and no texting. We all need to grow up and take responsibility for ourselves.

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