Windows Mobile 6.5 Demo Video: Build 23022

There is a new build of Windows Mobile 6.5, build 23022, and this new build has now been given a video preview which we have for your viewing pleasure below, courtesy of wmpoweruser.

Not too long ago several screenshot appeared on the net waves of Windows Mobile 6.5 build 23022, and now this video for our enjoyment. Windows Mobile 6.5 incorporates some new features which look to have been tweaked for use with a capacitive touch screen.

The OK/close soft button has now been shifted to the bottom of the display rather than its original place at the top, and there is also what looks to be an “iPhone-like magnifier” that could well help finger control of the cursor.


One thought on “Windows Mobile 6.5 Demo Video: Build 23022”

  1. I just got an Android phone. I had the choice between it, a BlackBerry, and a Windows Mobile phone.

    I wonder how different my life would have been if I had gotten a Windows Mobile phone.

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