Global Recession Answer: Cheap smartphones winning formula

Seeing as we are in the middle of a global recession things need to be done as money is pretty scarce, well we have said right from the beginning that the mobile phone industry is not doing to bad considering. Mobile phone makers can capitalize and gain many consumers and of course enterprises.

Smartphones is the answer and cheap ones at that, the technology within a phone nowadays is pretty impressive and the price is very low when you think about it, RIM (Research in Motion) and Nokia surprised us all with strong profits, Nokia’s success comes via the awesome very-cheap 5800 touch-screen smartphone, then BlackBerry have its Bold and Storm.

You cannot leave out the Apple iPhone either, considering what these smartphones are capable of it means no need for PC’s or laptops anymore. Coming soon is the all new Palm Pre and the all new iPhone coming this year as well, trust us when we say there will be many other low-priced smartphones coming this year as well. Read what Reuters have to say on this matter.

So what do you think of the cheap smartphones we have on the market at the moment, and do you think smartphones will get cheaper if the recession sticks?

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