Poll: Is TomTom turn-by-turn navigation app for iPhone to expensive?

The TomTom turn by turn navigation application for the Apple iPhone is now available via the iTunes App Store, but at a rather weighty $100 it is a fairly expensive iPhone apps reports wired.

TomTom for iPhone delivers 3D GPS navigation along with audible turn by turn directions, but it the TomTom for iPhone application too expensive?

CoPilot Love, another GPS turn by turn navigation application cost just $35 and carries the same features as TomTom for iPhone, but if you are willing to hand over even more cash there is an optional vehicle kit that comes with a mounted antenna for better GPS reception and will set you back in the region of an extra $90.

You can view a short video of TomTom for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G below, enjoy.

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One thought on “Poll: Is TomTom turn-by-turn navigation app for iPhone to expensive?”

  1. DVL007 says:


    This a great app, except it will not work with your 3rd party car mount/docks at this point. I have been having issues finding a strong GPS signal while docked in my Belkin TuneBase FM (Mobile Navigator works just fine with the same dock, as does the native “Maps” app. TomTom works just fine outside of the dock…

    Upon some internet reading and then confirmation from a TomTom customer service representative, I have found that TomTom has written code to disable the native GPS in the iPhone when docked – it assumes that the user is docking in THEIR dock which sports and far superior GPS receiver, and a such disables the iPhone’s.

    The representative did ensure me that TomTom was working on a resolution for this fault, hopefully in a timely fashion – if I had known this, I would not have purchased it.

    My recommendation is to wait to purchase this app. If you have a 3rd party dock that you plan to use it will NOT work right now – you might as well save your $99.00, because holding an iPhone in your hand while you drive is not an efficient method of navigation.

    I develop for the iPhone and I know that this would have to be intentionally written into the code to force the iPhone to turn off one of its API’s when its docked. That said it should be a quick fix as they could just comment out this block of code, until they can write a more suitable solution, like an action sheet that asks which GPS to use….

    Keep an eye out for an update soon because the software is well worth it, assuming, they don’t force us to purchase their dock!


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