Modu 2 phone promises touchscreen, HSDPA support and more

Just a few weeks since the official release of the first ever modular phone in the world – Modu, we already have news of its successor.

The Modu 2 contains some really exciting stuff but undoubtedly the most interesting to us is for sure the touchscreen and the HSDPA support. The first Modu took some two years to get from prototype to mass production, the Modu 2 promises it will be available in a much shorter timescale.

We could be seeing the Modu 2 next year, and its been stated that it will appear in the UK , US, Japan and also continental part of Western Europe. It’s also been promised that the Modu 2 will sport a QWERTY jacket just in case touchscreen isn’t your preference. Source – gsmarena.com

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