Videos: iPhone to get Layar augmented reality browser

Okay, we all like Layar we all know how ridiculous we appear to others as we swing our phones and wave them in the air to see which new icons amazingly jump onto the screen, which is exactly why we continue to do it.

Using your camera on your Android handset, Layar simply displays the world all around you with an additional layer of location content on the top. Therefore if you search Google or yelp for a restaurant, the browser plots the results in a 3D layer above the live video. That’s not all Layar is actually a platform so a number of third party developers have leapt on board to provide their own layers.

The augmented reality browser is already available on the Android OS, also the company is already eagerly keeping an eye on the iPhone 3GS and plans to have its browser ready sometime next year for the handset. To see more including the video visit boygeniusreport.com

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