Mobile thieves warning: New anti-theft security software for BlackBerry devices

The first tool that will identify mobile thieves has now been invented. This tool is said to get BlackBerry’s back to their owners quicker than ever.

Now owning your BlackBerry is more secure than ever before, this tool works with both PC-based and Mac Blackberry owners. The tool is called BlackBerry ER, it will text owners with all the details of a thief’s identity. So you will have the thieves’ phone number and IMSI number.

As we all know that mobiles go missing, get lost, or are damaged every day. Reports showed that in 2008 an assistant of Mexican president Calederón had stolen 6 BlackBerry phones from President Bush’s assistant. BlackBerry ER is now available for $14.97, users can now guarantee the safety of their beloved device.

Source – mcsolutions.co.uk

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