Samsung Anycall SCH-W830 GSM/3G HSDPA looks stunning

Samsung, have done it again, The South Korean company have introduced three new stunning mobile phones.

The mobiles are all in a folding form factor the SPH W8350, SPH W8300 and the SCH W830, which is similar apparatus designed to work along with a range of operators. It has just a small number of external and functional differences.

The most obvious external difference is the operators logo’s and not much else, however, the internal is a little wider. The dignity of all three models really is the bright stunning appearance, and the display is capable of a wide variety of illumination and light effects. For more information and pictures go to mobilereview.com


3 thoughts on “Samsung Anycall SCH-W830 GSM/3G HSDPA looks stunning”

    1. Mukesh says:

      Anycall samsung mobile is useless product. It is only for only Korea as local product. I am seriously worry for this mobile. This is uncomfortable. What is the Korean letter over here? What the letter is important in international market by this scripts? We need to learn Korean language for using this mobile? Who made this mobile for international people?

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