Tech21 iBand Case for iPhone 3G/3GS, featured on Dragons Den

The Tech21 iBand case for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS is constructed from an intelligent material called d3o which can transforms a flexible, soft gel into a shock resistant casing on impact and has been featured on Dragons Den.

When at rest, the d3o material stays soft and flexible, but if dropped the free flowing molecules in d3o form together to absorb the impact and thus safeguard your iPhone handset, and when back at rest the iBand returns to soft and flexible.

Tech21 iBand case for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS allows full access to iPhone controls and connectors, and is available via eXpansys commanding a price tag of £14.99.


3 thoughts on “Tech21 iBand Case for iPhone 3G/3GS, featured on Dragons Den”

  1. Martyn Wallace says:

    i wanted to get a refund on my iband as couldnt access the side buttons. Called tech 21 re: design fault but they said it would ‘flex’ in time. 5 weeks later is hasnt!!! also cant get refund as 14 day exchange policy has expired. Nice ploy, Tech 21!! In the time i have had it i have realised that the reason you cant access any of the side buttons is actually due to the d3o material itself ! d3o is designed for impact protection, ie, from impact from dropping it. However, the d3o is not intelligent enough to distinguish between the impact of dropping it and the impact from pressing it with your finger! If you think about it, when you press the button, the d3o activates & hardens as it thinks that your finger pushing on it is an impact so you cant access the side buttons! Basically, d3o is not designed to be pressed but is fab d3o for ski and other safetywear, etc. Tech 21 have not thought this one through and i bet UK Dragons Peter and Theo are kicking themselves that they have invested their cash on a lame duck!

  2. The iPhone has seem really useful day to day buttons on the top and on the side which are used a great deal such as the silent mode, sleep mode and ringer volume.
    The Tech 21 is a fantastic device which protects your iPhone by wrapping around the thin walls of your phone. Its soft to touch but becomes strong and durable when impacted.
    The Tech 21 iBand has indents which at first look appear to be push outs to allow you access to the silent, sleep mode and ringer volume buttons.
    They are actually just lines in the material, which appear to have been added as a token gesture that the iPhone has buttons and our iBand ackknowledges the fact.
    I tried using a stanley knife to cut through but the material has nt been impacted and it actually feels like putty. So I’m cutting through my putty and the knife does go through, but it does nt exactly allow me to cut the desired hole. ( As a trial, get some blue tack and try and cut a small perfectly straight rectangle – see the problem !)
    I’ve given up attempting but now have a great protective sleeve for my phone but I cant easily access the buttons I require day to day.
    I can’t imagine Theo buying one of these, then going in his tool box, taking out a stanley knife and attempting to cut out the holes. Perhaps that job is given to Mrs P.
    Mrs P,,, any advice would be appreciated.

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