TomTom GPS Navigation is coming to an Android device near you

If you want to get out and about and need some GPS navigation software there is of course TomTom which has just hit the Apple iTunes App Store, which is fine if you have an iPhone.

But what if you are a fan of the Android platform? Well according to an article on pocket-lint, TomTom isn’t stopping with the iPhone and has set their sights on bringing TomTom GPS navigation to the Android platform.

Apparently, Benoit Simery, Senior VP of TomTom has stated that they can not ignore such a successful platform as Android, and we’ll be seeing TomTom hit Android soon enough.


One thought on “TomTom GPS Navigation is coming to an Android device near you”

  1. Bob says:

    I purchased the tomtom iphone application and am very disapointed in its performance. It is unusable without the car kit. When I contacted tomtom they knew of the problem and were suprised apple launced the application when they did. They have been getting many call about the weak signal. Their only recommendation was to wait for the car kit to come out. In effect you pay $99 for something that doen’t work and then are required to pay more for the system to be functional. I DON’T THINK SO. I requested my money back.

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