Verizon to release mobile phone version of FiOS TV Integration

On Wednesday, Verizon Communications Inc, showed off the skill to combine its FiOS TV service and a mobile phone. They are keen to improve their features to stay in the television game.

There is currently a fight for television subscribers and Verizon are stuck in the middle, coming up against satellite companies and cable providers. Joining together mobiles and TV, like turning a BlackBerry into a remote is something the rivalry cannot duplicate.

Verizon are to launch a program for mobiles in the next few months that allow them to act a little like a remote control. The mobile will need to have accessible WiFi, a small number of Verizon Wireless mobiles have. The user can type words or navigate using the device.

Verizon have also made public a small upgrade to FiOS TV service which includes a recommendation engine for on-demand video. This targets advertisements based on portals for HBO, Showtime, geography, you will also be able to watch football that will have the statistics at the side of the game.

Source – online.wsj.com

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