Upcoming BlackBerry Curve 2, Sholes and Storm 2 Verizon phones

Wow, have we got some exciting news for you a brilliant outline of some of Verizon Wireless upcoming handset release dates.

First we have the Motorola Sholes a phone that was assumed by many of us wouldn’t be launching until a lot later in the year. It appears that we could see that hit Verizon as soon as October. The Nokia Twist 7705 the information shows us that that will hit Verizon in late September with an estimated price of $230. (subsidized).

The LG Chocolate Touch should also hit around October for around the same subsidized price of $230, as well as a HTC Razzle / Blitz 2 not sure but this maybe marketing confusion here?.
The Samsung Intensity gets a date of September with a lower price of $130 but what about the BlackBerry, it seems the BlackBerry Storm 2 will launch in October. For more information and pictures go to boygeniusreport.com

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