Apple in control after RIMs Torch acquisition

Smartphone manufacturer RIM (Research in Motion) announced on Monday they had got their hand on Torch Mobile, a provider of applications and browsers, it does seem to mainly be an Apple-controlled open-source community.

This does mean that Palm, Google, RIM and other WebKit users will have some catching up to do. There are more developers from Torch Mobile, Google and Nokia involved in the project, However Apple has the main control over the project. Apple employs the bulk of WebKit developers, that makes Google second. Only eight WebKit developers are employed by Torch Mobile.

Apple also employs the majority of WebKit reviewers, far more than anyone else, this gives them a lot more control. The WebKit blog has been named “Surfin’ Safari. Apple does product some outstanding devices such as three iPhones and four MacBook Pros.

RIM should have saved their money if their curiosity in Torch Mobile was power in the WebKit project, because WebKit is mainly an Apple project it does have crucial support from Google. The results will show a improved browser for BlackBerry for RIM users.

Source – news.cnet.com

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