New Sony 3G Wireless E-Reader being powered by AT&T

The wireless connection on Sony’s recently announced new 3G e-reader will be powered by AT&T, both companies have announced. The Sony Reader Daily Edition will be released in December and sell for $399 it will have wireless connectivity involuntarily included.

Amazon’s 3-G-enabled Kindle e-reader has a competitor and this is Sony’s Reader Daily Edition. The Reader Daily Edition will have standard E Ink electronic touchscreen display, an aluminum body and be 7” wide. Sony has uttered that around 30-35 lines of text will be seen when the device is in portrait position. It has a lot of built-in memory, roughly 1,000 e-books and extra optional memory slots.

It is AT&Ts 2nd step into the electronic reader market by making a deal to offer wireless service for Sony’s e-reader. It was only last month, the company made it known it would offer 3G access for a forthcoming Plastic Logic e-reader. We do not know what AT&T will gain from the deal other than exposure. It is more than likely they will get a cut of the profits from all wireless buys made through the e-reader.

Source – pcworld.com

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