Poll: Should Apple iPhone App Store be scrapped or improved?

The Apple App Store façade over the rejection of the Google Voice application, and Apple’s response to the FCC, indicating that there are only 40 full time reviewers deal with 8500 app submissions per week raises the question of should Apple improve the App Store or eliminate it as a single point for iPhone applications altogether asks the iphone blog.

Apple could improve the App Store and the approval of apps simply by hiring more people to cope with submissions, and also make the review criteria more transparent.

The other option put forward by Facebook developer, Joe Hewitt is to close down the iTunes App Store and allow iPhone developers to release whatever applications they desire, and claims it works well enough for WebApps and the Web.

So readers we would like to know your thoughts on this, and see whether you think the App Store should survive or not. Please answer our poll below by casting your vote.

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