Free Apple iPhone 3GS, how do I get it?

You could get your hands on the latest widget, the iPhone 3GS for free. First off you are going to need an original iPhone for around $500, we know this is a lot of cash but if you want it bad enough you have to pay for it.

A few months ago someone was reading thoroughly through the American Express Awards website, they saw a list of gifts to get for their team, they then came across the Apple Store Gift Card offer. This was a $300 Apple Gift Card, all they had to do was use the points to purchase, there was around a million points.

They then purchased the card with the points and were just about to trade it for the 3G iPhone but found out that day the 3GS was being released soon, they then continued to wait. Later that day they went to the Apple Store to exchange in the gift card and get the new 3GS 32GB Black color iPhone. To get so many points as a business from American Express, the business needs to change as much stuff on their credit card as they can.

Every dollar charged is an award point, they then get added to the collection of points. An example of this is: the business charges all of their Internet Marketing with Yahoo, Bing and Google through their credit card, after each year they collect up thousands of points from American Express and use the points to purchase gifts and give them to their clients or associates. After this has been done for a couple of months with business expenses, all the points soon add up and before you know it the iPhone 3GS is yours.

Source – washingtonpost.com

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