New Software Release: Skyfire client version 1.1 (

An updated version of browser, version as just been released by Skyfire. This version brings improved website browsing on the mobile, better connection handling and performance developments.

The latest release has some new features, these are: Improved page load times, WML support, Improved reconnect, Improved mobile website support, Updated Plug-ins: For Silverlight, QuickTime and Flash and Page up/down navigation via short-key.

The latest release has also fixed some issues: Samsung Propel and Jack (AT&T): If the SIM card was not in the device then you could not uninstall Skyfire and Skyfire quits on startup on Windows Mobile 6.5. The know issue is, on a few keyboard layouts such as, dual keyboards and half-qwerty keyboards, the short-keys do not perform as they are suppose too.

Source – wmpoweruser.com

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