Blind Android Poll: Is the platform slow and on-screen keyboard sluggish?

As so many problems remain with the OS, BNET.com have published an editorial decrying the blind rush in order to fully support Android.

Developers have continued to complain about the slowness of the platform, the fact that the browser and mail are both extremely bad and the on-screen keyboard is rather sluggish. William Volk, CEO of mobile app vendor Playscreen has said that the Google checkout experience for purchasing apps is “unacceptable to the vast majority of Android users”.

According to Alex Kerr, founder of mobile app vendor Phone Thing Ltd, he feels that the popularity Android enjoys has more to do with the antipathy from Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Nokia’s Symbian and less to do with its actual attribute. For more information got to wmpoweruser.com

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One thought on “Blind Android Poll: Is the platform slow and on-screen keyboard sluggish?”

  1. Dragon says:

    i run the mytouch 3g (528MHz processor, 192mB RAM) originally shipped with 1.6 running 2.2 now (Cyanogen the os rocks my socks. absolutely love it.

    That said i hate on screen keyboards. used iPhones, hate the device (except the screen & batt, those are great)
    The lack of any model with a physical keyboard is suicide IMO but hey I wasn't smart enough to steal classes from Reed college either (way to go Steve)

    I hate the onscreen keyboard on my phone only slightly less than an iPhone's. (mostly because i can copy and paste between apps, switch to swype easily for texts, then to standard kb for web browsing [passwords are a pain])

    you didnt have that option on the poll so….. (OS rocks, all on -screen keyboards suck)

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