Samsung Omnia 2, talks about iPhone, Media, Productivity and overall summary

We all wanted the Omnia last year, offering us all what we wanted including fast web browsing, high resolution camera, touchscreen interface and much more.

When we finally got our hands on the Omnia how shocked were we to find how slow it run, and how many difficulties we faced using Windows Mobile on a touchscreen. But alas, now we have the Omnia Icon sporting a great new look some fantastic specs are we going to be let down again?

The new Omnia does look a lot like Apple’s iPhone, so much so that we think that Steve Jobs would struggle to tell them apart. There are a few physical differences including the Omnia’s superb display. The 3.7 inch WVGA screen has more pixels than the Apple, but also uses AMOLED (active matrix organic light emitting diode) display technology. Visit zdnet.com for more information.

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