DSLR Remote for iPhone: Good toy but not for pros

Now you can control your DSLR camera via your Apple iPhone and over WiFi with the aid of DSLR Remote for iPhone from Onone Software reports wired.com who have given DSLR Remote a shot.

Apparently the iPhone and DSLR camera begin talking to each other and the camera beams a point of view back to the iPhone, the iPhoner then taps the screen to focus, taps the onscreen “Fire” button and the image is snapped and then you can tap to check focus and zoom; you’ll also require a computer connected to the cameras USB port.

They found that although DSLR for the iPhone is a lot of fun to use, one couldn’t use it in a more professional arena. DSLR for the iPhone carries a price tag of $20 which is fine for fun shooting, but not too good for professional picture taking.

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