China Unicom media briefing today on Apple iPhone Deal

Great news for iPhone fans in China as it seems the long wait may almost be over.

According to Mike Kent at SciTechToday, is seems that China Unicom is having media briefing today, which is expected to include an announcement that the carrier has reached a deal with Apple to sell the iPhone in China. An unnamed analyst, cited an unnamed industry source claiming that Unicom would be announcing the iPhone deal.

I’m sure we’ll see that soon enough, although a company spokesman last week when asked about China Mobile and it’s OPhones remained very tight lipped, only stating that they would let everyone know when conditions permit. The rumor about Apple and a Chinese partner have been splashing about for over a year now, so I wouldn’t blame you for not holding your breath, although it looks promising that at last the rumor may turn out to be true. Source – businessweek.com

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