Apple explains iPhone explosions to French authorities

The Apple iPhone seems to be getting a bad reputation for exploding or catching fire, and as far as we know Apple hasn’t been all that forthcoming with any response or giving these complaints any credence.

However according to engadget mobile, the French authorities are now taking an interest in complaints of iPhone screens cracking in Europe, and apparently France’s top trade official, Herve Novelli has met with Michel Coulomb of Apple France to speak about the problem.

The word is that Apple is standing its ground claiming these complaints are in the single digits and are investigated fully and thus far have been blamed on “external force” to the iPhone screen; for the complete article hit up the link.


One thought on “Apple explains iPhone explosions to French authorities”

  1. I also heard this news when I was talking to my fren in UK about Iphone batteries. And he let me know about this and I was quite surprised to find this. Maybe Apple will soon, find out and give a proper explanation of this. or We will live in fear of this happening again.

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