Poll: Can BlackBerry Browser beat iPhone to surf net?

BlackBerry maker RIM (research in motion) ’s , recent acquisition of Torch Mobile is expected to aid the company in its developing of a new browser to better compete against the iPhone.

The browser of the BlackBerry is considered to be slower and weaker compared with the touchscreen phone by Apple. Torch Mobile developer of Iris mobile browsers is said to be helping RIM develop a new browser from the bottom up.

The iPhone uses the safari browser, which Apple claim is the fastest mobile web browser. More and more consumers are moving over to smartphones and the ability and ease of surfing the internet is becoming more and more important to the user, especially if it’s a touchscreen phone. Source – google.com

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One thought on “Poll: Can BlackBerry Browser beat iPhone to surf net?”

  1. HereAndNow says:

    I don’t think it is important that the Blackberry browser “beats” the iPhone, but rather that it provides a comparable browsing experience.

    What seems more significant with this development is that all of the “native” browsers of all of the major smartphone OSes (iPhone, Android, WebOS, Symbian & Blackberry) will now be WebKit-based (WinMo is the exception, but a 3rd-party WebKit browser can be installed).

    This will make it easy for developers, to create web sites & applications that:

    1. render consistently on all smartphones.

    2. utilize HTML5.

    There are already a couple thousand web apps for the iPhone. They can be found here:

    Presumably, these apps do/will soon run unmodified on all of the other smartphone platforms.

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