T-Mobile terms change, customers can cancel without fee?

Usually when a mobile carrier changes their terms of contract it usually means it’s going to cost the customer more. However, apparently there is a way whereby sometimes a customer can get out of their wireless contract without incurring an early termination fee reports consumerist.com.

Word is T-Mobile USA has just made such a change to their terms of contract and is to raise rates as of today. Apparently those customers with $59.99 or less individual plans and $89.99 or less family pans will see their overage rates move up to $0.45.

So if you are looking to get out of that T-Mobile USA contract now is the time to do it as said changes in terms is apparently enough to be considered a “materially adverse change of contract” and thus grounds for contract termination without a fee; so for all the legal guff hit up the link.

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