Video: BlackBerry Storm 2 9520 SurePress can be disabled?

The guys over at Crackberry have run a poll to find out what people feel about Research IN Motion’s SurePress tech and that RIM is forcing people to click the display, and the results show that of 17000 votes, 31 percent say they love it while 26 percent say it should be scrapped and 43 percent wanted the option of both SurePress availability but being able to disable it.

Well apparently according to a video demonstration, which we have for your viewing pleasure below, the option to disable SurePress exists on the BlackBerry Storm 2 9520.

We know that when the BlackBerry Storm 2 9520 powers down SurePress goes into a fixed display, and once powered up again becomes active, but if the option to switch to on and off were available it would probably please most users. Unfortunately the way to disable SurePress isn’t show in the video.

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