3G Technology: Vinaphone signs contracts with Motorola Inc and Ericsson

Vinaphone, Mobile operator has just signed contracts with Sony Ericsson and Motorola Inc in order to provide 3G technology and equipment tom provide 3G services in Vietnam.

The contract includes both installation and commissioning of the 3G network in Vietnam, the contract was signed on the 31st August 2009. The network will enable Vinaphone to deliver the compelling 3G services, including Mobile Broadband to users of speeds of up to 14.4MBPS.

Vinaphone have said that they are extremely committed to launch the 3G services in the Vietnam Market later this year. On August 26th Vinaphone signed the contact with Motorola Inc to provide the 3G services in Northern Vietnam. The contracts make up part of Vinaphone’s US $1 billion plan to provide services throughout the country. For more information visit saigon-gpdaily.com

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