AT&T U-verse in Baton Rouge for Home Phones and more

Great news for Baton Rouge residents as they now have a choice for their television and communication services.

AT&T have just announced the launch of a new service AT&T U-verse (SM) services in part of the Baton Rouge area. The AT&T U verse services are being delivered over the advanced Internet Protocol (IP) network. This will now offer users an alternative to cable.

Bringing together TV, Broadband, Home phone and also AT&T Wireless services all in one and just one bill. William A Oliver president of AT&T Louisiana said the launch reflects their commitment to make the investments necessary to bring together consumers across the Baton Rouge area a new era of video competition. Cable has been the only means in the town for to long now and this launch will truly make a difference. Visit finance.yahoo.com from more infor

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