Nokia N97: How to set-up and use shortcuts

The Nokia N97 smartphone features a Contacts bar option on its home screen, which can be enabled to deliver single click access to 4 favourite contacts just by hitting the picture-labelled button, but you can also change the Nokia N97 set-up to put function shortcuts onto the home screen.

The guys over at know your mobile tell us how to accomplish this task…setting up shortcuts bar…press central menu key beneath screen, press Settings — Personal — Home screen — Home screen theme — Shortcuts bar, and once selected you’ll be returned to the home screen with the shortcuts bar icon rather than the Contacts bar.

To change shortcuts…press central menu, press Settings — Personal — Home screen — Shortcuts, and a list of shortcuts appears, press the shortcut you wish to change, you’ll get a choice of app, bookmark or shortcut to select or if you wish another app press Applications. Next a long list shows of the apps available as shortcuts, press the option you want to add your shortcuts and you are returned to the Shortcuts menu with the changed shortcut, once satisfied press the End button and job done.

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