Poll: Will Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom merger succeed?

Deutsche Telecom and France Telecom have announced that they are planning to merge both their struggling mobile operations in Britain with the intention of becoming the largest mobile operator there.

The 50-50 venture, which will mean combining Britain’s third and fourth largest operators will have a large customer bade of 28.4 million customers and a 37% market share. Overtaking the current market leader 02 with 27% and Vodafone with 25%.

The agreement is expected to be signed next month. According to John Strand a mobile industry consultant based in Copenhagen, this is a sign of a wave of mergers heading our way as operators struggle to survive in the saturated markets. Both operators had reported a decline in profit and sales at their British businesses this year with Deutsche Telecom reportedly down $1.8 billion of the value of T-Mobile UK. For more information visit nytimes.com

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