Poll: Do mobile phones break-up relationships?

This poll we have put together goes out to singletons, married couples, engaged couples, boyfriends, girlfriends and just about anyone who is in a relationship and those who have just broke up.

Many of us use mobile phones/smartphones for business and personal use or like myself both, but are mobile phones a cause of a lot of break-ups, failed marriages etc? We know many of the young generation aged between 16 and 25 are text mad and cannot get enough of it, they would rather text than phone and through experience mobile phones and partners receiving text-messages can lead to massive arguments or indeed complete failure in relationships.

Some men and women get flirtation text messages sent to themselves being it pure fun and nothing in it at all but it can still lead to problems, some men and women actually prefer texting than chatting with their partners, go to bed and they have the phone with them, go to the bathroom and yes they have it with them, basically the mobile phone is glued to them and will never leave their sides..

Please vote below on our voting system and PLEASE do comment below in the comments area if you have had problems with mobile phones, we want to hear all.

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3 thoughts on “Poll: Do mobile phones break-up relationships?”

  1. The way I found out my ex was cheating on me was through his mobile phone – first the late night texts with weird excuses, then the keeping his phone with him all the time (or hiding it in the closet) – there were many other signs mostly to do with his computer. Finally there were the dirty text messages and then he was history!

    But it wasn’t the poor phone’s fault – it was his fault!

  2. tammy says:

    The phone has not a thing to do w it at all. It takes 2 for things to happen. Wether there b a phone involved or not. Even before cell phones came out, the cheating was still goin on. So no reason to make a celluar device the excuse, just check ur partner or b a partner as ur suppose to an there won’t b any trouble.

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