Poll: Has recession killed the mobile phone market?

We would love to know what the recession has done to the mobile phone market being it good or bad.

We all know that there are many new mobile phones being released at the moment like the recently released iPhone 3GS, Nokia 5800 which has been talked about a lot, Nokia N97 and N97 mini, the Motorola Cliq which is coming soon and today the newly announced first Android handset from LG called the LG GW620 aka Etna, there have been many more released and many more to be released.

We know the recession has put a massive dent in the economy leaving businesses in ruins and companies in masses of debt, some businesses pull it back together and some do not. Are Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC, Palm, Nokia and many other firms making pure profits or are they at a loss where they need to sell more to gain more, what about the carriers themselves like Vodafone, T-Mobile, O2 and others in the market to make a profit are they in a position where they can sit comfortably or should they worry?

We will talk about this a numerous of times over the coming months about the stock market, sales, profits etc to keep you up-to-date in the business world… Please do have your say in the comments area below, and please do answer our poll question below and vote away.

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One thought on “Poll: Has recession killed the mobile phone market?”

  1. jcmcd says:

    poor phones is whats killing the market

    ANY gsm manufacture who were to put out a good wm phone with 1700mhz 3g teahering will be engulfed with sales
    consider the pharos traveler 137
    buggy like buggy like no other but tmo users are buying it even though it gets almost no publisity at all

    the numbers of people who bought the tp2 should show tmo users WANT and need a good phone
    and i am going INSAINE with the fact there is not a SINGLE phone in the WORLD that meets the specs i need in a handset

    this is outragiously pathetic

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