Firmware update for HTC Hero with new fixes

Before Sprint ‘s HTC Hero ships, HTC will have ironed out most of the HTC Hero’s problems such as its slowness which is now no longer a problem as there is an HTC Hero software update available according to gizmodo.

The new update for the HTC Hero is making its way across HTC international websites but as yet the direct link on the HTC UK site isn’t live, but the guys over at XDA have cobbled together a custom English HTC Hero update which is available right now.

We have a preview of the HTC Hero ROM update for your viewing pleasure which can be viewed below and only last just under two minutes to hit it up and enjoy.


5 thoughts on “Firmware update for HTC Hero with new fixes”

  1. P Noris says:

    I have only Mac computers at home and at work and do not have access to a Microsoft-based PC. I am about to buy an HTC Hero phone but I am concerned about its lack of compatibility with Apple Mac OS X computers.

    The recently released ROM upgrade for the HTC Hero seems to be solely for installation through a PC with Win XP or Vista. Does that mean that Apple users are not supported? How am I supposed to install this and future ROM upgrades if the installation/synch software does not run on my Macbook Pro?

    Can someone please clarify if the HTC Hero is compatible with Apple Mac.


  2. Daniel says:

    @P Noris: Using a Hero with a Mac:

    HTC doesn’t really support Mac, but provided you can get access to a PC for the occasional ROM upgrade, this isn’t a big deal.

    What doesn’t work:
    The HTC Sync utility that comes with the phone is, indeed, PC only – but all that does is to sync contacts and calendars with MS Outlook, and allow you to install 3rd party Android apps without going via the Android Market. It works in Windows under Parallels, but since it only suncs to Outlook there’s not much point.

    It looks like you’ll have to borrow a PC if you want to install the ROM upgrade, too (I haven’t tried it yet).

    What *does* work:
    You can “mount” the hero as a USB drive (or take the MicroSD card out and plug it in a reader if you prefer). iPhoto will then see, and import your photos. There’s no music sync facility – even on a PC – you just manually copy files to the phone – if you Google you’ll find various scripts and stuff for synicng itunes playlists with generic MP3 players which should work. Repeat: in this respect, you’re no worse off than if you had a PC.

    I believe you can also install 3rd Party apps by copying them to the card. However, this is only necessary for apps which *are not* on the Android Market. Market apps download direct to the phone.

    As for calendar and contact sync: get a free Google mail/apps account and the phone will sync contacts and calendars directly over the air to Google. If you have Snow Leopard 10.6, you can then set the Mac address book to sync with Google. Actually, its possible on 10.5 too, but bizzarely some of the options don’t appear unless you’ve plugged in an iPod (there is, of course, a hack). iCal (10.5 on) can sync with Google too. Google for “google sync mac” for details. So its not quite plug-n-play, but long term, syncing vial the cloud like this is a neat solution.

  3. Ibrahim says:

    Hi I’m about to purchase the hero I was wondering how long will it take for HTC to release the ROM update? And how do you go about updating the device?

  4. Steve in London says:

    I’m thinking of getting a Hero but I have a couple of questions: I’ve heard there are problems seeing non-free Android apps on the marketplace, is that true?; and I have a number of POP3 e-mail accounts (work and home), is there a limit in the number of them the Hero will sync with? Thanks very much.

  5. jamie says:

    just as a note to mac users who are worried they wont be able to update, you could always partition your harddrive and install windows on the new partition, it would waste about 6 or 7 gig of your HDD space though, and will only work on mac’s with Intel processors, some guy in the apple store told me. hope this helps, although if you dont have a copy of windows your still pretty screwed.

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