France Telecom suicides spark Union to seek help

On Friday, an employee of France Telecom killed herself in the latest of a round of suicides at France Telecom which unions place the blame mainly on work pressure and chronic restructuring reports Forbes.

France Telecom stated that a 30 year old woman employee dies by her own hand at one of their offices in Paris. A union source added that the woman had jumped from a 4th floor window after an office meeting.

This latest death brings the number of attempted suicides or actual suicides to nineteen since the start of 2006 with 7 of them in 2009. France Telecom has confirmed they are to hire 100 extra human resources staff to spot workers in trouble and have temporarily halted their reassignments and relocation until October’s end.

Unions have said workers need more to cope with the changes which have gripped France Telecom since it ceased being a government agency.

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