LG GB270 or Sony Ericsson Candy-bar Phone?

It’s not often a mobile phone manufacturer like LG pushes out a new handset which doesn’t actually look like an LG phone, but according to engadget mobile that’s exactly what has happened with the LG GB270 handset.

Apparently the LG GB270 holds more of a resemblance to a Sony Ericsson candy-bar mobile phone. The LG GB270 is a member of LG’s Dynamite series which are low end devices that sport such stuff as tri-band GSM/GPRS, music player, VGA camera, Bluetooth 1.3, and microSD expansion.

Word has it you can grab the LG GB270 mobile phone in select areas of the world, such as Latin America and Asia, although the asking price is so far unknown but we wouldn’t expect it to be expensive.

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