BlackBerry Storm 2 may release with OS in October

Okay so we don’t actually have a launch date yet for the BlackBerry Storm 2 yet and we are clueless as to what OS the touchscreen will be running.

Most of us have assumed that it would be running a variant of OS 5.0, until today as we now have some kind of confirmation. (although this is rumoured only).

Word has been apparently received from a Verizon tipster that OS has been approved for the BlackBerry Storm 2. Its also been reported that Verizon are desperately trying to get the device ready for the end of September although being more realistic an early October release is more feasible. Remember earlier in the month word was that the Strom 2 would be released for business users at the end of September. To find out more visit intomobile.com


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  1. i would like to see it to be thinner, a lightweight battery, a better signal(s) when in high volume areas, more memory to hold more apps, maybe waterproof, & keep making the clickable screen more & more better as it gets better!!!!!!!!!!

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