Eton Voicelink FR1000 Radio, flashlight and charges mobile phones

Have you been hit by the recession? Well this product called the Eton Voicelink FR1000 will not break the bank at all and it offers many features that should be thought about.

The Eton Voicelink FR1000 is pretty cool really because it offers a battery or self-powered hand-crank radio that keeps you informed, even if the power is totally out. The main features are pretty long but here are some of the main ones just for you: Built-in two-way General Mobile Radio System (GMRS) helps you stay in touch with others, Analog tuner receives seven NOAA weather bands, AM, and FM signals, Weather Alert emits a tone when NOAA issues a Weather Alert, regardless of what source you’re currently listening to, Six bright white LED lights serve as a built-in flashlight, Flashing red LED light with emergency siren alerts others to your location and also Rechargeable battery pack can be recharged with just 2 minutes of cranking.

The bit we like the most is that you can even charge your mobile phone, for use with adapters available directly from Eton; you can buy this product from woot.com for only $49.99.

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