ITG Windows xpPhone now ready for pre-order on various networks

In preparation for it’s global launch ITG (China’s In Technology Group) have just launched a redesigned Website in English.

Thye are now accepting unpriced preorders for the Computex revealed xpPhone. This has been boasted by the company as the ‘worlds first mobile phone that runs Windows XP’. It hasn’t undergone any changes that are noticeable since it was last seen so we assume that all the specs seen previously committed to memory are still intact.

The SSD and also the HDD options are apparently not an either or choice, with ITG asserting that the device supports both drives at the same time, and can even be used as a portable hard disk when the system shuts down. (the SSD being used to help save power and the HDD for use for full internet experience). Source – pocketables.net

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